Bryce York – The ‘Measure Your Marketing’ Guy

Bryce York – Developer + Marketer
Bryce York The ‘Measure Your Marketing’ Guy

Certified Digital Marketer

Bryce York is a Serial-Founder with a background in Product, Digital Marketing & Software Development.

Over the past six years, he’s worked on projects for some of Australia’s largest public companies and on high-impact projects such as teaching kids (10-12) how to code with CodeCamp. He’s built and launched businesses including Seed The Change — a social venture that’s helped businesses grow their triple-bottom line, by planting over 150,000 life-changing trees in the developing world.

He’s also CTO and co-founder of RadFrame; a platform designed from the ground up to intelligently guide enterprise teams through new-product-development and innovation projects. Generating $1MM in revenue after just 12 months on the market and used by 25% of the ASX 20 (Australia’s largest publicly listed companies) including two of Australia’s biggest banks, one of Australia’s largest telco’s, and global media conglomerate News Corp; the platform generates roadmaps of proprietary methods and startup tools and delivers them directly to teams as they innovate using a context-aware algorithm called ‘The Wizard.’

He product-managed the development of three different marketing-tech platforms for internal use at one of the world’s most respected marketing agencies – Ogilvy & Mather.

He’s consulted to countless startups and eCommerce businesses on Digital Marketing strategies and business growth tools and his qualifications include a Bachelor of Business in Marketing & IT and professional certifications including those shown above.

Bryce has built a career creating marketing strategies and software for world leading brands including:


And now he’s focused on equipping businesses to better understand their numbers and Analytics with UTM Link Manager.

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